Renewed Purpose.

It’s been a long time I almost forgot that I had this site I will be posting some work that I have been doing.  This work is’t what I am doing now I believe that I’m on the right path right now I have been doing some color work now I’m back to Black and White art working on the one thing that has consumed my mind ever since I started creating art work the event that inspired me on my path.  I am revisiting it the way that I did originally just a little wiser, and much older.  I am bringing my focus back to God, which is where it belonged I have been trying to prove the world wrong instead of proving God right, and telling people about him and his love through Jesus his birth, his life, his teachings, his death resurrection and ascension and his coming return.  I will try to post new art every day in the order of completion until I run out.

Michael Matlock


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